Dr. Judith D. Bertoia, Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor

Fees and Payment

Fees for office visits:
My fee for psychological services is $175.00 per session, the BC Psychological Associationís recommended rate. This fee applies to couples, families, and individual. However, for some individuals the fee may be billed at only $160.00.

I do maintain at least two spaces at a token fee for those in severe economic circumstances. Naturally these two openings fill very quickly. For clients who see me for weekly long term psychoanalytic work or a sandplay process the fee is $125.00 per session.

Length of sessions:
The standard office session is 55 minutes. However I ask that clients allow for 1 Ĺ hours for our initial session but bill as if it were a standard session.

For those clients who drive longer distances, especially from the North Shore, BC Interior, parts of the Fraser Valley, Seattle, or the Island, less frequent double sessions can be scheduled. Many couples and families also find longer sessions are more effective so that everyone has an opportunity to feel heard. Arrangements can be made to accommodate schedules and session duration.

Telephone calls:
I am generally not available for therapy sessions by phone unless they are arranged in advance. I will always return calls as soon as possible but telephone calls pertaining to our sessions requiring more than a few minutes will be charged accordingly.

Fees are payable at the end of each session, either in cash or by personal cheque. Clients receive an official receipt with my name and registration number with the College of Psychologists. Although counselling fees are not covered by MSP, a Registered Psychologist's fees are completely or partially covered by most extended medical plans and many Employee Assistance Programs. With the official receipt you can also claim these costs for income tax purposes.

Court-related work:
Working with the court system or your legal counsel is outside my scope of practice and expertise. I will not provide information to the court or legal counsel unless ordered to do so by a court of law.

Cancellation Policy:
Missed appointments represent a loss of opportunity for someone else to receive my services. Therefore I would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you are going to miss an appointment. Without 24 hour notice I assume you are planning to attend and may therefore bill the full fee.

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