Dr. Judith D. Bertoia, Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor

Power of Myth for Modern Living


Each of us lives out various archetypal themes in our lives - patterns that reside within human nature. They can provide great joy and perplexing challenges. Ancient myth, legend, and fairy tale offer narratives that can be explored for their wisdom and relevance because these themes continue into modern times. We see them in film, novel, music and cultural trends.

Each evening we will examine one specific theme via lecture, discussion, and questions that can also guide independent introspection. The series is divided into three clusters of three myths per series for a total of nine myths, legends, or fairytales in all. Participants can choose any or all clusters that fit within their schedules. The fee is $75.00 per series.

All discussion groups will be held in North Delta on the following dates:

For further information contact Judith Bertoia, Ph.D. at 604 594-2731 or jbertoia@dccnet.com

The answers lie within. The challenge is listening to their wisdom and then creating change.

Each of us lives within a culture rich in the stories of our families, traditions and human history. As we live out our unique, individual lives we also touch on patterns that emerge from our ancient roots. Becoming conscious of these motifs and integrating them into awareness enriches our daily living. We do however, have an opportunity to live mindfully and to alter those patterns that no longer serve our well being or the world around us.