Dr. Judith D. Bertoia, Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor

Links and Resources

Collaborative Divorce Vancouver — Visit Collaborative Divorce Vancouver for more information about this non-adversarial method used to resolve disputes about divorce, custody, access, support, separation, and asset division.

Grief works BC - Grief works BC is a valuable resource on bereavement and grief. They also provide an extensive list of sites related to loss other than bereavement.

Highly Sensitive Person — I often refer clients to this website if they are acutely aware of sensory stimulus, frequently overwhelmed by noise, activity, or comments and expectations from others, and have vivid imaginations. The site offers a self-assessment test, explains what a Highly Sensitive Person is, and provides tips for coping with this temperament in today's busy world.

American Psychological Association — The American Psychological Association provides useful articles and links to a wide range of psychological issues.


Written Paths to Healing: Education and Jungian Child Counseling (1992)
John Allan and Judi Bertoia, Spring Publications (2nd printing spring, 2003)

Drawings from a Dying Child: Insights into Death from a Jungian Perspective
Judi Bertoia, 1993, (Routledge) Taylor and Francis Books Now available as an ebook.

Chapters & Articles

Inner landscapes and Outer Realities: Psyche's Images in Sandplay (in process) (B. Weinberg & N. Baum, Eds.)
Arousal Mountain and Thoughtful Lake: the Fight or Flight Response Personified

101 Favourite Play Therapy Techniques, Volume III (2003) Charles Schaefer & Heidi G. Kaduson (Eds.) Jason Aronson, Inc.
Problem Solving Techniques: The Storyboard
Problem Solving Techniques: Hand-ling the Decision Making Proces

The Handbook of Group Play Therapy (1999)
Daniel S. Sweeney & Linda E. Homeyer. Jossey-Bass Publishers. San Francisco.
The Invisible Village

Haiti: or the psychology of black (1997)
Spring 61: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Woodstock, CT
Colour as Language and Symptom

Elementary School Guidance and Counseling (1988)
Counseling Seriously Ill Children: Use of Spontaneous Drawings

Elementary School Guidance and Counseling (1988)
School Management of the Bereaved Child

CD and Audiotapes

SNR: Techniques for Sleep and Relaxation (CD, 2002)
Rich Chambers, Producer

Kids, Death, and the 6:00 News
99058 Judi Bertoia

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Death
95034 Judi Bertoia

Available for purchase through Kings College Centre for Education about Death and Bereavement.

The answers lie within. The challenge is listening to their wisdom and then creating change.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love.
— Rumi