Dr. Judith D. Bertoia, Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor

In today's world, living a full and meaningful life can, at times, become difficult. When we encounter life's swamplands it is often helpful to work with a skilled professional who can guide and accompany us to new terrain. This website is intended to help you decide if my expertise and therapeutic style are the right match for you.

Common reasons people choose to work with me include:

My orientation to working with people integrates different research-based theoretical approaches. Cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems theory inform the primary foundation of my work. I blend my expertise in these areas with methods from other approaches depending on the presenting situation and comfort of my clients. Further details about specific therapies are available in the links on your left.

In our initial meeting we discuss my clinical impressions, determine goals for therapy, and explore strategies to achieve these outcomes. The hopes, feelings, and beliefs of each client are treated with compassion and respect. It is my belief that as human beings we are all open to challenging periods but, with assistance, we have the inner capacity to overcome the difficulties. Through the discussion in our first meeting, a flexible approach and range of therapeutic interventions, and on-going feedback throughout the process, clients can make informed decisions about treatment.

My lectures and workshops focus on personal and professional development. They are designed to enhance

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The answers lie within. The challenge is listening to their wisdom and then creating change.

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